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Welcome to Baja’s Tex Mex Grill.



The idea of Baja’s was created by its owners, who were inspired by its location and the ethnic diversity of the local colleges, residents and tourists. The challenge was to create a restaurant with reasonable prices and fresh ingredients to satisfy everybody from vegetarians to meat lovers, young or old. After many visits to Philly, Boston and New York City what’s better than the combination of cheese steaks and burritos.

In Philly we were inspired by Gino’s and Spats Philly steaks. The look, service and the product was very appealing to us.

In Boston, we were impressed by Qdoba and Chipotle by how fresh and fast and reasonable they were.

In New York, we were impressed by the local restaurants of how their famous burger was on a sub, but not on a bun and by its impressive size.

Our challenge was to use a small sized location and make it comfortable to the customer and make it workable for the workers and chefs. Our mission was accomplished, because of the knowledge and experience of the owners in the food business.

Our second challenge was which we were very smart and successful with, all our burritos, any meat any size, any topping, or tacos or quesadillas, salads, or cheese steak $5.99 with any topping no extra charge. This satisfies our customer’s stomach and pockets.

Baja’s is a family run operation. We are very impressed by the good vibe we received from our customers and we will continue our mission to stay focused and for more to come watch out for more Baja’s to come.

We look forward to seeing you at Baja’s and we would love to know about your experience.

Thank you


p.s: Don’t forget to get your free soft serve flavored ice cream or yoghurt with any purchase.